Your Kickstarter Reward (Adjusted)

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As mentioned earlier, we did not offer shipping to your country during the campaign as detailed in the campaign page, but thanks for supporting us anyway!


The reason we did not include your country is the issue around shipping the product there. This is because the KEA KIT includes dangerous goods and is heavy for international airfreight. 


But! Rather than see you miss out on a KEA KIT we have come up with a solution where we can ship you a kit, just with less of the contents. 


We can send you a KEA KIT that includes the following: 

  • All the KEA KIT Cases
  • Water Filter Straw
  • Full First Aid Kit
  • Paracord
  • Cotton Tinder
  • Duct Tape
  • First Aid & Survival Guides


Considering you already pledged for the KEA KIT at a heavily discounted price and the lengths we have gone to make it available to you outside of our original offering, we cannot discount your pledge. However we are offering FREE SHIPPING on your first kit.

 *Import duty/taxes are not included and these may need to be paid on arrival depending on your local laws.    


Please confirm your Kickstarter reward: 

Your pre-order has already been paid for on Kickstarter, this will be shown as a discount coupon in the shopping cart. (NOTE: If you would prefer a refund rather than receiving a reward, please email