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Be prepared to find your way and signal help if you ever get lost on your next adventure

The KEA Signal Pack is a set of the most essential survival tools to help with navigation, signalling help and starting a fire. 

The pack forms a key part any survival kit and includes:

KEA Fire Rod: A Ferro-Rod or "Flint" created a shower of hot sparks to light a tinder bunch. Weatherproof and reliable it is a great method to easily start a fire, stay warm and make a smoke signal. The 3 piece modular design packs down small but assembles to offer good grip and easy striking.

  • 2 Inch replaceable ferro rod
  • Tungsten striker
  • Aluminium body & water resistant

Map compass: Point yourself in the right direction with the liquid map compass, perfect for finding a quick bearing or navigating to your destination. 

Signal Mirror: If you do get lost, you need to be able to signal rescuers. Use the sighting mirror as powerful signal to reflect and flash sunlight at passing aircraft or vehicles.