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Keep yourself sheltered from the elements with the KEA Rain-Fly Tarp

Over-exposure to wild weather is one of the most deadly aspects in the outdoors, that's why carrying an emergency shelter is an essential part of any gear preparation.

The KEA Rain-Fly Tarp is light and compact meaning you never have to risk being caught out in the cold again. Large enough for 2 people, the Tarp can be setup in a variety of way to suit the weather.  

Including 6 durable Aluminium pegs, the Tarp is best used as an emergency shelter or as a back up shelter if you are already carrying a tent. It also works great for as a gear cover at camp, or as a ground cover to provide extra insulation or to keep you dry. 

Rain-Fly Specs:

2m x 1.8m (6.5" x 6")

70D Orange Ripstop Material

5000m Waterproof rating

8 x reinforced tie-off points

Aluminium Pegs:

These sturdy pegs are used to stake down the shelter points or tie up the para-cord.

  • 6 x Tarp Pegs
  • 7" / 18cm Length
  • Lightweight Aluminium