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This survey is a process where we confirm your order details and allow you to pay for your shipping.  Also below are some backer only specials where you have the option grab some awesome add-ons for a limited time only.

Backer Add-Ons!

Grab another KEA KIT: These are the last few kits available from the first production run so get in quick!

We have also offered the first 'Build Your Own' KEA KIT which includes just the Water Filter Straw and Medical Supplies, giving you the freedom to pack your own gear at a very fair price! 

Why do you need another kit?

  • Perfect Christmas gift to keep your family & friends safe on their outdoor adventures.

  • Great as an addition to your at home disaster/emergency go-bag.

  • Grab a extra one to keep in your car, boat, camper, RV. You'll be happy you did! 

Live Wild Apparel: Following a poll on our Facebook group, it was obvious that our new hats & beanies would be a hit. They feature a unique NZ Maori inspired Kea designed by Matt's brother Ted, and represent out new motto 'Live Wild'. This is high quality apparel that are a must have for any outdoor adventure!   

Kea Conservation Trust Donation: Help the Kea survive and thrive in the wild. This native New Zealand alpine parrot is one of a kind, the smartest bird in the world and the inspiration behind the KEA KIT.100% of your donation will go to the Kea Conservation Trust and KEA Outdoors will match these donation up to an amount of NZ$500.  


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