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Keep your survival kit topped up so you're ready to tackle any situation
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The Gear Pack includes the 3 pieces of gear in the KEA KIT that you will go through the quickest. This bundle means your can top up easy and includes:

Para-Cord:  One of the most useful pieces of gear. Use to tie off shelter, hang things up, repair gear.

  • Orange with reflective trim
  • 3mm diameter
  • 30ft / 9m Length

Tinder: This waxed cotton tinder is the bees knees. Simply un-peel the logs with a fingernail to produce fine, fluffy tinder that lights in one strike of the ferro rod!

  • 10 Pieces waxed cotton tinder
  • Enough tinder to light 30-40 fires
  • Aluminium carry tin

Duct Tape: 

The jack of all trades. This heavy duty flat-pack tape is perfect for repairing any gear. (6ft / 2m length)