Shipping policy

Shipping times vary per-country and tracking will be avaialble on your order. After placing a order you will recieve a order confirmation and will be notified once your order is ready for shipping.  Estimate shipping times are as follows:

New Zealand: 1-3 Day Nationwide

Australia: 4-7 Days Nationwide

United States: 1-3 Day Nationwide

International: 7-14 Days Airfreight

Currencies and Payments: All orders will be charged the currency designated at checkout. If the currency converter has been selected to display in a currency other than shown at checkout then be aware that the price shown might not be the same price charged to your credit card. Therefore due to exchange rate fluctuations and any fees and charges determined by your credit card company, or the payment provider you choose, the final amount charged to your card can not be predetermined if your card is not denominated to the currency shown at checkout

International ShippingYou are responsible for paying any duties or taxes imposed for customs or importing goods into your country. If applicable, you will be notified of any additional duties and taxes prior to purchase