kea outdoors

Our mission is to provide the gear and knowledge that gives you the freedom to get outside more often.

How we kicked off

The idea for KEA was born after our founder Matt, had spent most of his life adventuring in the New Zealand outdoors with cheap and nasty gear, without giving it a second thought. 

It wasn’t until he became a professional Fly Fishing Guide that he truly realized there was a whole other world of great gear created for pros and technical folk that was out of reach for most. This gear mostly focused on one purpose and ignored the rest, making it unsuitable for the amateur adventurer.

So after hanging up his guide boots in 2020, Matt decided it would be his mission to create great gear for those forgotten adventurers.

KEA gear is for the outdoor lover, not the 'Mt Everest Conqueror'. Gear that is functional, but also versatile and reliable so that is stands up for you whenever and wherever adventure calls

This is the foundation of KEA and why we focus everyday on creating the best gear to help you embrace every outdoor adventure.

Now it’s just up to you to choose what adventure is calling you…

What we care we care about:


We believe everybody should have the freedom to embrace adventure, whatever that may be. You don’t need to be a pro or hardcore. Our gear is for those who just love being outdoors, regardless of what takes them there.


The outdoors is wild and unpredictable, so we strive to provide certainty by only creating quality gear you can trust and offering the knowledge to use it effectively when it’s needed the most.

Telling it straight

We believe honesty and authenticity is at the heart of every meaningful adventure, both outdoors and in business. That’s why we strive to move past the jargon and talk with you like a human.

Supporting the wild

The world's wild places are what give us inspiration. That's why we partner with organizations that make a difference in the health of the planet and ecosystems so you can be sure the gear you use is having a positive impact on the places you explore.

This began by supporting our namesake, the Kea. A spectacular but endangered native New Zealand Alpine Parrot. We are passionate about these special birds and have partnered with the Kea Conservation Trust to support their mission to protect the Kea in the wild.