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Denise W.
Fire starting

Thanks for the timely supply of the fire starting kit. I have added it to my bug out bag :-)
I also appreciated the offer of 10% off my next purchase and will look at buying the pre labeled kit so i can keep my gear at the ready in a more organised system.

Rod D.
Kea Lumen

I haven't actully used the Lumen yet, but it is very well packaged and presented, delivered quickly too. It looks like a high quality item. I might get two more as gifts for tramping buddies.
Simon Foxxx

Proudline REview

I haven't opened the box as I intend to give the kit as a gift. Depending on how it's received - which I'm sure will be with much excitement - I'll be ordering others for the yearend Holiday season.

Patrick F.
Top Notch

I brought the Fly, water stick and and some extra gear to add to my existing survival kit.
The gear was better quality than I was expecting for the price. Top Notch, Thanks

Well thought out

Generally good contents but there needs to be a square drive bit & a pozi bit as they are more useful than some of the existing ones. I work in construction so use screws almost every day. It took a while to find out what held the bits but a family member sorted it. Maybe some basic instructions with the tool kit would help.

Great product. I take it every hiking trip. All essentials together not spread out in pack.

Absolutely love it 💯

I recently purchased the Kea water filter straw, knowing I could put it to good use, and have I what!! I've use it several times out hunting, drinking in the same stream as the dogs and also came handy at a DOC campsite where boiled water is a must.... no time, no worries!!
Drank through the straw right from my drink bottle!! I would recommend having one everywhere you go, I am definitely purchasing more!! Thank-you Kea Outdoors!

Perfect for the boat or truck

As a fishing guide, you'll find yourself with people under your care in all kinds of scenarios from hypothermia to lacerations to potentially worse. It is comforting knowing you have a once-stop-shop like the KEA KIT in the boat at all times.


The Kea kit is a well thought through product and the quality matches the innovation. It provides a level of confidence being permanently in my 4WD.

Worth it just for the knife!

We bought this as a present for some family members who love to walk in the bush. They love the knife in particular. If anyone's done much bushwalking, you know you can't underestimate the value of a fabulous pocket knife when you're out bush. But then there's the first aid kit. And all the other bits. So many things in one place, and packaged marvellously.

Great product

A really good kit that has everything you could need for those situations you really don’t want to find yourself in. It’s great quality for the price, and is packed nice and compact. It is arranged in series of small packs which means you can take what you want and leave the rest to reduce weight and bulk on a trip. Awesome

Kea kit - love it

Really love the construction, the functionality, and the simplicity of the design.
I bought one and love it so much that everyone else in the family will be getting one for Christmas.
Definitely a convert

Good lightweight torch

Nice and bright, lightweight and I like how the cord allows for securing to a wrist or hanging on a nearly hook or cord. Very versatile. Gets quite hot if it has been in a while, but it was not a problem.

Survival at its best

It is an awesome kit. Great quality, and everything you need to survive. I went on a trip with the boys testing go bags, my kit keep me warm and safe and at a fraction of the size and weight of the others. Going to get a few more for the fam and cars.

So Cool!

I love this kit so much that I bought two! I keep mine in my car and gae the other to my son. I love the way it is packed and labeled. I haven't used it as yet and I love the feeling of have this brilliant resource to hand.

Great addition

Love my kit! It's been a great addition to my travel and outdoor adventures. Super compact with everything I would need!

Great Peace of Mind

Was a wait for the kit but worth it. Good Quality and condition of contents. Fits nicely in the boot of the car for the long road trips I make across the North Island to visit family. Just reassuring should something go wrong that I am at least going to look after myself when it is paired with the flask of boiling water and packets of food my mother always travelled with from back in the day.

Great piece of kick

The Kea Kit is a great piece of kit to have with you when you need it. The family like exploring all the random parts of the country and it is nice to know that if the stuff hits the fan we have something to use. When we first received it, the kids emptied the kit completely and we showed them what each piece was for and how to use it, it even packed away nicely again! Great kit.

Best kit

I got the kea kits and was blown away, it's compact and everything need to go out and have adventures.

Totally awesome

Very well made. It’s my go-bag in my vehicle, at camp, on hikes, when we need to bunker down for bad weather… apart from my family, pets and water, my Kea Kit is the very next thing I grab.

Great product

I take this pack every campout, has everything I need. Very handy in one convenient package. The total cost foe this unit is really competitive.

Kea Kit

Absolutely awesome product, so easy to have in the car and throw in your backpack what you need for the walk/hunt you are doing. Highly recommend

Christi V.

Great products

KEA KIT | The Ultimate Outdoor Survival System

Winston D.
Love this light!

Compact, solid construction and most of a bright as hell. Love the different modes of operation !