Gear Repair Pack
Gear Repair Pack

Gear Repair Pack

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KEA Survival Kit Gear Packs are built for purpose and contain all the essential gear for your survival kit. Stored in a resealable & waterproof bag they can be used on their own or to pack your KEA KIT/Survival Kit.

The gear repair pack contains everything you need to fix failing gear on the go. The range of products allow you to tape or sew up any holes in gear as well as a cordage to tie things togeather and a tool-card to complete minor repairs.


  • Sewing Kit Pouch (4 x safety pin + 2xHeavy-Duty Needles + Nylon thread black 2 meters )
  • Reflective Para-cord  (5 meters)
  • 11 in 1 Tool Card (6cm x 4cm) 
  • Waterproof Fabric Repair Tape (2m)    
  • Flat Pack Duct Tape  (5cm x 4.5m) 

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