Fire Starting Pack

Fire Starting Pack

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KEA Gear Packs are built for purpose and contain all the essential gear required to pack or refill the KEA KIT: Outdoor Survival System.

The fire starting kit contains all the gear you need to get a fire going when in the outdoors. Featuring a large Ferro/Flint Rod, multiple types of Tinder and a Wire-Saw so you can continue to fuel the fire with larger pieces.

The resealable & recyclable pack also means it can be used on it's own or to restock your own kit.


Ferro Rod with Scraper & Paracord Handle       

Cotton Tinder + Tin (10 pcs)

Wood Wool Tinder (2pcs)

Wire Hand Saw (70cm)

The KEA KIT and all Gear Packs are currently in production and shipping is expected to be completed by December 2023

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