Basic Medical Pack

Basic Medical Pack

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KEA Gear Packs are built for purpose and contain all the essential gear required to pack or refill the KEA KIT: Outdoor Survival System.

The basic medical gear pack contains all the essential first-aid gear to manage any minor injuries in the outdoors. With over 50 pieces of gear included, this pack is a must have for all adventures.

The resealable & recyclable pack also means it can be used on it's own or to restock your own kit.


Metal Scissors

Metal Tweezers                    

High Decibel Whistle   

1 x MyLar Blanket  (2.1m x 1.3m) 

1 x Triangle Bandage + safety pins - Compressed

(1m x1.41m) 

Cloth Tape  

(1.2cm x 4.5m)

2 x PBT Bandage  

(2.5cm x 4.5cm)

10 x Cotton Bud 

4 x Sterile Gauze 

(5cm x 5cm)

1 x Wound Closure Strips 6 pcs

1 x Burn Jel 

(3.5 gram)

5 x Band Aid Standard  

(7cm x 1cm)

5 x Band Aid Small

(1cm x 0.4cm)

2 x Band Aid  H shape 

(7cm x 4cm)

2 x Band Aid butterfly 

(5cm x 4cm)

5 x Anteseptic wipe 

5 x Sting Relief Wipe 

5 x Alcohol Pad 

1 x Elastic Bandage 

(5 cm x  4.5m ) 


The KEA KIT and all Gear Packs are currently in production and shipping is expected to be completed by December 2023

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