Water Filter Straw


The KEA Water Filter Straw provides a safe and easy way to drink from any natural water source without the risk of ingesting germs/parasites.

We recommend using the straw as a backup water filter should something happen to your primary water supply or as a lightweight option if you plan to be nearby a water source. 

  • Ultrafiltration membrane filter removes 99.99% of all impurities
  • 0.01 Micron Rating
  • Filters up to 600 litres (158 Gallons)

How to use:

Note*: If you are struggling to get the lid off the straw, try using a 'snapping/bending' action on the line whilst holding the base. This should easily remove the lid.

  1. Remove the top cap to show the mouth piece. 
  2. Open the bottom flap (this is the water end)
  3. Insert straw into water and suck until the water is drawn through the straw.
  4. When finished, blow excess water out of the straw before storage.

Tips for using the Water Straw:

  • Drink slowly: The straw is a UF filter which requires water to be drawn through the fibre to filter. This means it's best to take long, slow draws from the straw to make it easier to drink. 
  • Always clean: It's important to always backwash the water out of your straw when finished drinking. This is best down by just blowing on the mouth end as letting the water drain out the bottom. You can also give it a strong shake to clear out the final droplets. 
  • Increase usage: To increase the life span of your filter, drink from water with little or no suspended sediment. If water is dirty, dig a small hole next to water source and let sediment settle before drinking. The straw will filter sediment, but will block the filter quicker.