Signaling Mirror


The KEA  Mirror is a useful tool to signal for help during the day. The purpose of the mirror is to reflect strong sunlight at a distant object (Plane, Vehicle, Rescuers) so that you are easily located. At night time your headlight can be used for signaling in a similar way. 

  1.  Facing the sun, hold the mirror right up to your eye to look through the hole in the middle. Then look towards the sun (not into it!).
  2. If your target and the sun are not in front of you, you’ll need to align your body to no more than 90-degrees from the sun to reflect the light accurately. If your target is behind you while you’re facing the sun, turn around to face your target, then sit or lay down close to the ground so you have room to reflect the light. 
  3. Stretch out your other arm in front of you and move the mirror until you see the light reflection on your hand.
  4. Spread open two fingers and create a V-Shape to guide the reflected light between them. Keep some of the reflection visible on your fingers so you know it’s there.
  5. Place the target between the V-Shape fingers and angle the mirror so that the reflected light goes between them.
  6. The light is now reflected directly at your target. Flash the mirror up and down three times quickly, this represents the universal distress signal. and flashing is also more attention-grabbing than direct light.