Multi-Functional Pocket Hand Tool Set



The KEA Multi-Tool is a great piece of gear that can be used in a variety of ways. This multi-tool is built tough with  a 3 inch steel  blade that holds it's edge and a strong set of pliers. The adaptable tool kit is an added bonus and is perfect for repairing gear on the go.


How to use:


  1. Open the blade to full extension until you hear it click into locked position
  2. To close push locking mechanism at the base of the blade handle to the left and this will free the blade


  1. Ensure knife is closed before opening pliers
  2. Locate the plier handle at the base of the tool and pull it all the way around the tool until the plier head is exposed and locks into place
  3. Push the handle and head togeather to close back into place.

Modular tool kit

  1. Open the 'Philips' screw driver piece on the tool
  2. Place the silver adaptor over the top of the screw driver head (the square shaped inset end of the adaptor)
  3. Place the tool pieces into the magnetic end of the adaptor to use
  4. To close, push locking mechanism at the base of the screw piece to the left and this will free the tool

Can Opener

  1. Open the can opener tool (on the far edge of the tool)
  2. Hold the tool parallel to the can and place the tooth shaped piece over the edge of the can
  3. Holding the tool sideways to the can, brace the hook against the can and use it as a lever to pierce the tooth into the lid.
  4. Rotate around the can and repeat each piercing motion until open.

Bottle Opener

  1. Open the bottle opener tool (the middle piece)
  2. Place bottle cap into slot until it locks in place
  3. Lift the tool upwards while holding the bottle stationary to open


Maintenance: To get the most use out of the tool, ensure it is stored clear & dry. You can oil any tight parts with WD40 or similar.