Rechargeable LED Headtorch


The KEA Head-Torch is lightweight, rechargeable and water resistant. With 5 light modes and hands free function, the convex zoomable lens offers both bright spotlight and wide floodlight. 

  • Light source: 1*XPG2 White LED & 2*3030 Red LED
  • Built in, rechargeable 1200mach polymer battery
  • 5V Micro USB charging port and cable included
  • Light modes: High-Mid-Low-Red-Red Flash
  • Sensor mode: Wave hand within 10cm to turn main light on/off
  • Rotating lens focus (floodlight/spotlight)
  • Lighting distance: 72m
  • 45 Degree adjustable angle
  • Adjustable head strap
  • IPX4 water-resistant, 1 meter shatter-resistant

Rechargeable LED Headtorch




  • Main Switch: Click once to cycle light functions High-Mid-Low Light
  • Main Switch: Red light - hold for 3 seconds. Click once for flashing red
  • Sensor switch: Click once to turn on. Wave hand 10cm in front to operate on/off
  • Zoom Function: Twist lens anti-clockwise to focus spotlight
  • Charging light: Red light when charging, green when full charge
  • Charging time: 3 hours full charge

Lighting Time:

  • High - 5 hours
  • Med - 10 hours
  • Low - 20 hours
  • Red - 8  Hours
  • Red Flash - 24 hours


  • Do not shine directly into eyes
  • Do not disassemble product
  • Do not use chargers over 5V - may result in battery damage
  • Unplug when fully charged to prevent battery overheating
  • Keep away from flammable, high temperatures